America the Beautiful

I wanted to share a bit of my 4th of July celebratory lunch! My husband and I are both off for the day and we celebrated the only way we know how: sleeping in and throwing our eating schedules completely off. We went for a quick walk around the neighborhood (Harleston village) and worked up a… Continue reading America the Beautiful


Fred & Megan

I was lucky enough to take engagement photos of Fred and Megan this weekend.. and we laughed all the way from Hampton Park to Chalmers St. See some of my favorite photos from our time together below. It was so difficult to pick only a few! (Scroll all the way down for my absolute fave,… Continue reading Fred & Megan

First blog post

A recent newsletter from one of my favorite photographer couples was on the topic of blogging and I realized that I really needed to get into it! But as I sit here with one of those black peeling facial masks on (yes, the one with those disgusting but mesmerizing ads on Facebook!) I realize that I don’t know… Continue reading First blog post

Kara & Zach

Triple-win: getting to spend a Saturday morning talking sarcasm, playing with puppies, and taking beautiful engagement photos. Check out some photos from our session below. It was such a treat to capture these for them – I’m so lucky to have gotten the opportunity.