America the Beautiful

I wanted to share a bit of my 4th of July celebratory lunch! My husband and I are both off for the day and we celebrated the only way we know how: sleeping in and throwing our eating schedules completely off. We went for a quick walk around the neighborhood (Harleston village) and worked up a sweat that made lemonade completely mandatory. We did a quick run to the store for some melon and the whole ensemble was too pretty to pass on snapping some photos. I hope you enjoy them (and go get some lemonade for yourself too!)

A quick update on life while you’re here:
We took a trip to D.C. last weekend and had both the time of our lives while there and also transmission trouble on the drive back. So I’m currently in the process of comparing every mid-sized SUV I see to convince Matthew that we should sell my lil clunker in return for one. I’m taking any and all recommendations. (Must include – air conditioning and a way to play tunes from my phone.)



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