First blog post

A recent newsletter from one of my favorite photographer couples was on the topic of blogging and I realized that I really needed to get into it!

But as I sit here with one of those black peeling facial masks on (yes, the one with those disgusting but mesmerizing ads on Facebook!) I realize that I don’t know my audience and I feel like my audience definitely doesn’t know me. Although, truth be told, my audience at this point is my mom, husband, and close friends who are supporting my endeavor into the small business world wholeheartedly. They definitely know who I am.

So as cliché as it is, I’ll use this first blog post to share some more about myself. I had a birthday a few weeks ago which spurred some much needed self-reflection and I realized that I’ve changed a lot in the last 12 months.

So I’ll leave you with three things I’ve learned about myself [semi-]recently:

  1. I’m not as much of a breakfast person as I am a coffee person.
    I used to think that I loved breakfast. I would wake up excited to start my day with a bowl of cereal or eggo waffle and a nice cup of coffee. My favorites being Caribou or Dunkin! Recently however, I’ve realized that I get that same warm and fuzzy feeling inside with or without the carbs. I’m just happy if I have my cup of hot coffee; black, caramel macchiato, and everything in between. I’m not saying it’s the healthiest revelation – but nevertheless I was surprised to learn it about myself.
  2. I get embarrassingly emotional during two pieces of music:
    The National Anthem and the Clemson Alma Mater. I find myself always stealthily wiping away tears at the end of these. Every time.
  3. I (for the time being) am loving the loose curls look.
    Like I said, my birthday was a few weeks ago and I got a Tyme iron. (Yes! Again, just like the adds on Facebook.. I hope Mark Zuckerberg sleeps well at night knowing his marketing-resource team is doing their jobs well.) Anyway, now I’ve learned that it takes me almost as much time to curl my hair in the morning as it did to blow-dry or straighten it and I’m loving it.

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